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i dont know help passing under the 60% of fps

Question asked by saul8100 on Oct 2, 2016

help me. i have one hp aw002la:

a10 9600p radeon r5 10 cores 4cpu+6gpu 2.4ghz/3.3ghz

16 ram ddr4 1866mhz

r7 m340 4gb

1 tb 5400rp

the first few times I played with this laptop the league of leguends was going to 90-120fps. the problem is that not remember if you update or something but from a low point my horn 28-43fps lol

hp and communicate with me, but do not help me at all. from my point of view fps are too poor to specifications. even disabling or enabling the crossfire the result is the same does not change anything (nose if this serves) I no longer options appear interchangeable graphics. Maybe my problem is with lol. but for the truth and I get tired, I want to spare me the pain of sending the check, because it would lose the guarantee I help please have the crimson 16.7.3