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bad text quality

Question asked by torojet on Oct 2, 2016
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hello I was using

I was using nvidia card and now I'm using an amd card. Before selecting amd my visual experience was very good. And now I'm experiencing problems. I Use asus vx239h as monitor and I don't experience any visual deformation while using my laptop(nvidia) via hdmi, my desktop via hdmi connected to integrated graphics(intel). But if I connect hdmi to my vga r9 290x, every text looks just odd to me. IT IS NOT BLURRY. It is opposite of blurry. It is like I was playing a game and antialising is closed. Texts are sharp.

My eyes are getting used to it but if I see another computer I can immediately realize mine's failure.

my resolution : 1920x1080 (recommended) also; size of text apps and other items: 100%. it does not go below 100%. when i push over 100% texts get blurry.

I used clear type, still it doesn't look like my laptop or mobo display.

EDIT: You can see the difference between to "t"'s.

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Sorry for bad English and hope you can help me.