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google chrome has black screen

Question asked by limerick13634 on Oct 1, 2016

I have a hp pavilion 23 , with a amd radeon hd 8400/r3  CPU type amd ag-5200

on 9 29 2016 windows 10 did 2 critical updates. after that my computer wanted to update the radeon because of some problem it had. I cant remember what it said but everything seemed to work fine. so I went to your site and updated to software version 16.7.3 . after updating I notice 2 problems.  my google chrome opens to a black screen and freezes. I reinstalled chrome twice but its still doing it. microsoft edge works fine.  the second problem after updating the radeon is in display settings I have my displays set to extend these displays a as I use a projector for movies. when I start Netflix in edge ( because google worn work) it starts and plays the movie fine on my main computer screen but when I slide it over to the extended display it quits playing the video.   any help would be appreciated     fred