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r7 370 displays nothing

Question asked by tomlynch88t on Oct 2, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by goodplay

i have an msi r7 370 4gb i bought beginning of this year maybe end of last anyways it worked fine for a month or so then i upgraded my cpu big mistake there i went with the 9590 well  when i installed the cpu the gpu would not work at all black screen for days i put my old hd 7870 in and that worked just fine but why wont the r7 work i filled for an rma a couple weeks ago but i really dont want to send it out  i hate duing that my specs are msi 990fxa gaming corsair dominator ddr3 1866 amd fx9590 was fx 6300 when the gpu worked corsair h100igtx cooler and corsa@ !ir hx850 psu