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Crimson settings do not get applied

Question asked by thorgraves on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by thorgraves

I got an an XFX RX480 GTR Black and have proplems seeing Crimson-Settings having any effect.  I play a lot of Skyrim and Mechwarrior Online, so these are my examples...


First I tried to enable FreeSync following the following guide How To Enable AMD FreeSync™ . With this on, I assumed to see FPS in the Range of my Monitor's Freesync-Range (55-75 Hz), but I constantly get FPS above 100. Using Crimson's "Wait for Vertical refresh" or setting a "Frame Rate Target" doesn't have any effect either. Setting a game profile's Wattman historgramm to "on", I notice that the histogramm starts as soon as the game starts (preparing to display Peak and Average Activity and so on), but no data is actually recorded/shown. (Global Wattman delivers data, but not the Wattman in the game's profile).


Anybody got a clue why this doesn't work?