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Eyefinity funtionality

Question asked by 1madkins on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by 1madkins

So, I have tried to remain patient, but what is going on with the Eyefinity implementation since Crimson???

I have four monitors, three in a row on bottom and one above the middle. I game every day on the bottom three and it used to be a matter of pressing a hotkey, playing a game, pressing a hotkey, and back to work.

Now, EVERY SINGLE crimson update has made it worse. First to go were the hotkeys. Fine, I can click advanced and pick the saved Eyefinity setup. Then, the saved setups went and I had to go to advanced and run the entire Eyefinity setup wizard again. Now, when I'm done and turn off Eyefinity, only one monitor is on and I have to go to Windows Display Settings and extend to the other three.

I can't be the only one experiencing these issues. WHY would you start stripping functionality out of the legacy parts of the application when there is nothing in the "pretty" parts to replace it.

I know part of me is just venting, but I have about $1k in video cards, it has been almost a year since the transition to Crimson started, and I spent a good portion of yesterday recovering from an issue where 16.9.2 hosed my computer. I'm ready for this experience to be a lot more seamless.


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