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How do I install a driver for an R7-240 graphics card on windows xp

Question asked by ccatsurfer on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2016 by sandrino

I bought a Radeon R7240 graphics card for my windows XP computer but I can not get the included driver cd to run properly. When I try to start the disc, the MS-DOS screen pops up and vanishes. I have contacted Radeon, and they gave me a link . I tried pac2 and pac3, but no luck. Both pacs start and run the catalyst suite, but neither completes the job. XP is still saying I have new hardware. I have also been unable to remove the catalyst suite. Using of add/remove software. I have the option to change, but not remove it. The old NVidea driver is still on, but when I remove that, it is part of a package that removes the drivers for ethernet, lan, processors and one or two other items.

I have an asrock K10n78m pro motherboard, AMD Athlon X4 630 processor, 2 GB RAM running Windows XP Media Edition. Yes, I know, it's legacy material, a little slow, but I can't remember the last time it crashed or froze. It's dependable, kind of like my flip phone that spent an hour in the water with me-didn't know it was there until my pocket started glowing!

Any help would be welcome! Thanks.