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7870 xt overheating

Question asked by bacpap on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2016 by catchabreak

My pc is about 4 years old and lately I have noticed that my 7870xt is overheating when playing games. I should state that I havent changed a gpu since my original purchase, nor have I removed it from the mobo, or toughed it whatsoever. The game in which I noticed the overheat is GTA V online. I know these games can be very demanding, but the temps my GPU reaches are alarming nonetheless. In fact, in certain points it reaches 95c(203F) and its average temp when playing gta is 80-90c(176-194F). I can say that it overheats way more often than before and way too rapidly. I have reset all the catalyst settings so that they are default. I should add that I am running MSI Afterburner, in which I have set the fans to run at 100% above 70c. So I guess the fans arent the problem. Thank you in advance.