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BSOD on boot

Question asked by sardemff7 on Sep 30, 2016



I reliably get a BSOD on boot (VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE error). The first time it happened randomly while playing, and 1 over 20 times (or even less often) I can boot, even play, around an hour, then it fails again.


It happens with two cards (no Crossfire):

MSI HD7700

MSI R9 380 Gaming 4G (I bought it because it happened with the HD7700)


It does not happen with an HD6660 (so legacy driver) with the same config.


The motherboard is an MSI Z77A-G43. Monitor is iiyama ProLite E2273HDS. Connected via HDMI (don’t know which one) and tested with DVI too.

I have the motherboard auto-overclock (OC Genie) thing activated, and I tested without, the same happens. (Doesn’t seem to touch the GPU.)

It happened in both UEFI and BIOS mode (only tested BIOS with the HD7700). Using Windows 10 64bit with an Intel i5 3470.


I didn’t test the HD7700 with the newest driver, but I tested a few drivers with the R9, the last stable one, Crimson 16.7.3 and a few hotfixes, 16.9.1 is the latest.


I reinstalled Windows 10 as a troubleshooting attempt, and it worked better with the automatically installed driver (Crisom 15.something) then crashed again.

I tested this solution and all these ones too.


I hope this is enough info.