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    Latest AMD drivers removed moniters native resolution.


      Before reading on here is my system info:

      Intel Pentium G3220 3.00GHz

      Corsair Vengeance RAM - 8GB

      500GB HDD

      AMD R9 270x Sapphire Toxic Edition

      Windows 10 62bit with latest updates

      Radeon software Crimson edition 16.9.2


      The issue:


      Essentially my AMD drivers received an update not long ago which reset my resolution and when I first went to change the resolution the highest it would reach was 1600 x 1200 (my moniter is 1920x1200). First of all I thought it would be to do with out of date drivers so I updated both my Windows and AMD driver since I assumed they would be the problem, but no. The problem is that I still had the issue after several restart with the updated drivers. Further on I decided to try using my previous AMD drivers that allowed my screen resolution and I resolved the problem temporarily however after time the drivers automatically updated and now I have the issue once again. I would like to find a permanent fix to this issue as I do use my computer an awful lot. Any advice would be useful.