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    How to apply a higher/lower power target - Issue


      I recently flashed the unlocked BIOS to my Powercolor Red Devil RX480. Since then I'm not able to apply any power target in Wattman different from 0. E.g. set it to 15% and hit the Apply button, the power target will return to 0. I already contacted Powercolor and their answer was, that it might be an issue with other overclocking software. I'm not using any other OC-Software, only informational stuff like GPU-Z, CPU-Z, CoreTemp, 3DMARK.


      It hasn't been an issue before I flashed the BIOS and the flash was successful. All other settings in Wattman are working and can be saved. I already tried to reinstall the driver and software in different versions  Any suggestions how to solve this issue? THX in advance.


      WIN X 64bit, Crimson 16.9.2