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[RX460 2GB GIGABYTE OC] Display driver stopped responding and has recovered and new one h1z1 FIFA17 CSGO

Question asked by lolingaround on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by lolingaround

Hello guys,


I have Q9400 @3.5


Seasonic Eco 430W 80+





The thing is that im constantly getting this error on CSGO (i have to say that i didn't have it the other day i played) and h1z1. Now with FIFA17 installed i get the driver one and this new one aswell. I have to say i only get this while gaming while other player i read says that they have it also on Windows


I notice aswell that AMD Radeon Settings crash when the driver does that.


This is the error i get apart from the typical one on FIFA 17:




Things i tried:


1)Unplug and plug graphic card.

2)Reinstall drivers with DDU (latest driver versions, some older versions and stock version). Same thing happening. I always do it with DDU

3)Install driver without AMD Radeon Settings

4)Setting PCI Express to 100MHZ in BIOS in case it could be anything (just desesperate try)

5)Reinstall DirectX (didn't work because it says i have the newest version)

6)Tried with CPU on stock settings

7)Turning on and off Power Settings and stuff like that

8)Disabled PCI Energy thing on Power Settings


10) Unpark cores

11) Defrag

12) Update all rest drivers

13) Update BIOS

14) Checked temps, 30ºC on CPU and 30ºC on GPU max 50-60ºC both playing (also changed thermal paste into CPU 2 weeks ago btw).

15) PSU is new and i checked with 2 other ones, same thing happening.


+) I will keep adding if i did more, i don't renember.



Added dxdiag

GIGABYTE - Graphics Card - AMD - PCI Express Solution - Radeon™ RX 400 series - Radeon™ RX460 WINDFORCE OC 2G

  • Last known Installed Driver Version 16.9.2
  • Operating System Version Windows 7 64bits
  • Motherboard Brand and Model ASUS P5KE WIFI AP
  • Model and Brand your Monitor including resulution and adapter info (exp: Asus MS 238, 1080P, DVI to HDMI) Samsung 2233RZ 120HZ 1680X1050 (DVI i think)
  • Display Connection Method, example: (HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, DVI, Displayport 1.0, Displayport 1.2) If more than one please list and what display is connected to each. DVI i think
  • Motherboard using UEFI boot mode? Yes / No / Unknown                   Unknown
  • If you previously took screenshot of your Radeon Settings / System / Hardware tab please attach it to reply post All was at the lowest and tried multiple options, it can't be that
  • If you are able to take, DxDiag Report would be extremely helpful ( attach it to your reply post) Attached
  • Optionally provide overlocking/overdrive status What? I guess its this:


bios2.jpgbios 3.jpg

Ratio is at 8.0

Transaction Booster ON lvl 3 (tried on Auto and disabled) and crashed also so i think this has nothing to do with that.

Voltages are on Auto except CPU Voltage now that i set to 1.30V (it was 1.2 before)

Rest on AUTO except PCI thing thats on 100MHZ, not AUTO.

Check these RAM screens, not BIOS images since they are not like that.







Just reading forums and stuff it seems like a massive driver fault but im really really desesperate at the point of giving the card back. Anyone could help me or fixed it someway? I will try to help solving the problem as much as possible but it will be the last try before giving the card back since i was very happy with it and thats why i will try to give as much as info as possible.


Sorry if its redacted badly and best regards,


It's drivers fault, nothing about a faulty GPU so please, dont reply me with this because there are tons of people with this problem


PS1: I will try downclocking and so, i read its a fix but its unacceptable.