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    Profiling seems to be broken on RX480


      Profiling using cl events seems to be broken.


      I'm creating a cl_event profile event with profile_event



      Then calling clWaitForEvents:

      clWaitForEvents(1, &profile_event);


      clWaitForEvents however returns CL_EXEC_STATUS_ERROR_FOR_EVENTS_IN_WAIT_LIST.


      I am making sure to construct the command queue with the CL_QUEUE_PROFILING_ENABLE property.


      As noted, this happens on my RX480.  It works fine on a CPU device, the code also works fine on Nvidia devices.  It also used to work on (earlier) AMD GPU devices.



         Nick C.

        • Re: Profiling seems to be broken on RX480

          Hi Nick,

          Could you please provide a reproducible test-case (host + kernel) that manifest the problem?  Please also share other setup details such as OS, driver version etc.?

          Btw, may I know why you think that the issue is related to profiling only? Is it only occurring if profiling is enabled?