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Horizontal and Vertical Adjust with HDTV?

Question asked by jc8865 on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by catchabreak

I have an HDTV I use for my Computer Monitor...I have an RX460 4GB video card and am having issues getting the Horizontal and Vertical set..the native resolution of the TV is 1366x768 so that is what I set the resolution to and 60 refresh rate. I contacted Vizio and the vertical and horizontal are not adjustable in HDMI mode. I also tried the scaling in the Radeon settings but didn't do anything. The issue is the mouse disappears slightly off to the right and on the lower part of the screen and seems to be affecting the game I play in the menu area where I select certain things. Is there any other adjustment I am not seeing?