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Windows 10 64 bits 1511 after Aniversary Update 1607 software faliures

Question asked by ketkaiball on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by amdmatt

Recently I have updated three laptops and one PC from Windows 10 HE and PRO, 64 bits, version 1511 to the latest Aniversary Update version 1607.

The three laptops were I5 processor and the PC was Gigabyte motherboard and AMD A10 7800, APU processor.


Well, I had no problems in the three laptops, only in one, that had CCleaner installed, this software dissapeared after updating OS. And OS showed me a message saying Ccleaner was erased because of incompatibility. But I didn´t believe that and reinstall it again and it worked fine.


Problems came after the PC OS update.


- AMD Quick Stream dissapeared. OS Update told me I need to reinstall it again. I did it and works fine.

-Also AMD Radeon had a problem of incompatibility but it recovered the problem, told to me in a message and fixed the problem by itself and I shouldn´t to do nothing.

-Adobe Reader DC worked fine. But it had a problem with "save as" a PDF file opened. I should to ask for help to the community and they gave me the solution unchecking "Show storage on line when saving files" in the "preferences" tab. (I was not the onliest with same problem).

-CCleaner dissapeared. OS update told me it´s incompatible. I didn´t believe it. I reinstall it and works fine.

- Also my O&Oshutup10 software dissapeared. Without reasons. I reinstall it and works fine.

- Also CrystalDiskInfo dissapeared. Without reasons. I reinstall it and works fine.

- Also Gigabyte APP Center was working on second plane, but when I tryed to open its APPs (System Information Viewer (SIV), and @BIOS) it was impossible, freezing my computer and CPU at 90% work. I uninstalled APP Center and reinstall it again and reinstall SIV and @BIOS and they work fine.


Becuase I wanted to investigate why this happened, I undid the OS update and returned to previous version 1511. And all was working fine. Then I updated again the OS in this PC and I got the same failures and dessapearings.


I don´t know what is exactly the cause of all this, but I want to tell you to help other AMD users after the same OS Aniversary Update and help you to study what is the problem with this OS version 1607 and AMD software.


Best regards from Spain.