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    Can't find AMD Athlon II X4 620 CPU update




      I have an AMD Athlon II X4 620 (2,60 GHz) cpu/processor. However I can't find any update for this type on the amd website. All I see are Radeon updates (but I have an Athlon).

      I'm trying to determine what causes my blue screens of death lately, so I'd like updating all my drivers to see if that makes the problem go away. 


      I'm running Windows 7 (64-bit).


      Any help is much appreciated!


      Kind regards.

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          CPUs do not use drivers, therefore there are no updates. What is your BSOD error code (0x0 code)?

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            There are many things that can cause BSOD and PC freezing/rebooting including hardware drivers. As noted there isn't any mobo based hardware drivers for the CPU. I'd suggest running Memtest86+ V5.0 or later overnight to check the RAM for issues as it can develop problems over time. If you find issues try swapping RAM slots and run the test again. The slot contacts can oxidize over time causing poor connections and RAM errors in addition to RAM failing internally. You can also use the applet OCCT to monitor and record the CPU vcore, frequency, internal temp, etc. to see if there is some hardware issue causing the BSOD. Often times a PC with regular Windoze updates will end up with corrupted file that can also cause BSOD. Due to the tens of thousands of known defects in all Windoze versions the BSOD can be caused simply by bad code.