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Amd OverDrive clean crash

Question asked by ndc on Sep 28, 2016
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Hello AMD!


I am trying to get accurate temperature readings on the Athlon X4 860k. Problem is most software(HW monitor , Asus AI suite , Cpuz, Coretemp, Speedfan , few others) is giving me temps anywhere from -3 to 120 (celsius that is, HW monitor is really high in particular 80-110).


I red that AOD gives the most accurate readings. Problem is that it crashes my computer to an instant reset! The moment i accept and it says initializing ... BUM!Also , it won't uninstall peacefully, hve to do it with a tool from microsoft then delete what is left manually. (same story after clean instlling windows, changing HDD, cuz the one i'm using is making a chainsaw sound but works fine).

(mobo a88x-plus, 1 stick 4gb kingston value ram, asus R7 250x 1gb gddr5, healthy PSU over 600watt, all of it stress tested with funmark, prime95, memtest86 ... all stable).

There is no overclock of any kind in place (and there is not going to be, I just want the temps).


Any ideas?