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Performance issues with Forza Horizon 3

Question asked by jejedav on Sep 27, 2016
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I want to share my issues with the game Forza Horizon 3. I have bad performances with my GPU ( HD7970 OC 3Go VRAM ). I have installed latest AMD drivers (16.9.2) for W10 Anniversary all is up to date and I see in websites some weird performances like a 750ti which have same framerate as a HD7970 GPU. And a gtx960 beating a 780ti. I have also another rig with a GTX770 to run this game and I have better framerate but an HD7970 OC must have same framerate as a GTX770.


My question is I would like to know if AMD is aware of this performance issues with older cards on this game and if there will have a fix for this ? (Published by AMD or Microsoft studios).


I share you some benchmarks to show what i'm talking about. You can see a huge gap between r9 290 and r9 280x/HD7970




Thanks !