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Lagging and stuttering with youtube streams - 16.9.2 oddness

Question asked by asswhip on Sep 27, 2016

Hey there, yesterday I posted that the new 16.9.2 driver solved all the problems I had.

Sadly today I ran into a problem watching yt streams on firefox. Some work fine others are unwatchable although the audio is fine.

Using chrome fixes the problem but for several reasons i'd like to use firefox.


I'll post my specs at the bottom and will try to explain the differences I noticed with two streams on yt.

For reasons of clarity and comprehensibility I'll refer to the stream causing problems as stream 1 and the other working one as stream 2

Stream 1 is the live stream of the louis rossmann channel, Stream 2 rocketbeanstv live stream. (YT debug information and JS Flame chart available if needed)


Stream 1 as mention above is unwatchable. It's constantly lagging hard, not even a stutter just intensive lags.

With the statistics i can see that most of the frames a dropped i.e. 1054/1378 dropped

Most values are nearly the same on both streams like resulution, connections speed, buffer health, network activity or live latancy (Stream 1 has a slightly better latency )

Main difference in the selected examples is the codec, Stream 1 uses mp4=avc1.4d401f Stream 2 webm codecs=vp9

After looking over the overdrive i noticed that with stream 1 the gpu jumps a lot from 0% to about 20% but while watching Stream 2 it stays at about 20% constantly.

Could be the dropped frames but I'm no expert.


I tried buffering the streams with no avail. So I tried playing with the overdrive setting from over to under tuning, using different graphic and video profiles in the radeon setting nothing had an impact on both streams.


Again using chrome stream 1 works fine aswell but as posted my other thread 16.9.2 release notes incomplete?  i had several issues also with chrome.

16.9.2 fixed most of them but i would really like to know what causes this because I'm pretty sure I'll stumble upon a similar problem if i switch browser.

Also as mentioned in the other thread most problems were persistent trough out all browsers i tested, so I'm pretty sure it's driver related.

I'm willing to use any debug tool you guys suggest like maybe  or give any information you need.

Like i said in the other thread, problems like this drive me mad so i would highly appreciate any help or nudge in the right direction.



My specs are:

Hyrican Alpha Gaming PC 4246

Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 3,4GHz,

16GB RAM DDR3 PC3 12800 (1600 MHZ),

1TB HDD + 128GB SSD (Win 10 on the SSD),

AMD Radeon R9 290X 4GB,

Gigabyte GA-H81M-D2V μATX Mainboard

600W be quiet Power supply


Firefox version 49.0.1