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I have some question about Radeon Product

Question asked by pluem_amd_question on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by ray_m

1. Will RX 400 Series added support for DX12_1 "Tile-based rasterization" to have more power efficiency, lower temperature, lower bandwidth used and higher GPU clock.

2. Will RX 400 Driver added PerfCap Reason when the GPU boost has been limited by the Max Vcore or Temperature Target or TDP Target or etc.

3. Will RX 400 Series added Dynamic GPU boost technology EX. the maximum boost clock shown as 1300MHz but if the GPU does not limited by TDP, Temp or something the maximum boost would be continue to 1300+ MHz until it meet the target.

Thank you for your answering and discussing

I hope that AMD will have the new powerful technology.