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    RX480 World of warcraft, extremely low FPS


      Cheers ladies and gentlemen, with this topic I would like to point out one thing that is driving me crazy lately. RX480 is a card, which should handle World of Warcraft without a flinch. Yet, I seem to have a problem accomplishing that. This is a shoutout to all AMD drivers developers. Please, work on your drivers so the card works properly with this game. The only driver version with which I can get decent FPS (around 85 stable, with high settings) is 16.5.2. I believe we can all agree that driver is quite outdated atm. Any driver version above makes my game unplayable, since I am having around 10 - 20 FPS no matter how hard I change the settings. Make no mistake, I tried every single update of the drivers that came out and all of them does that to me. I tried uninstalls and fresh installs of the drivers...just nothing. I believe it is not just my issue, when the 16.5.2 driver works fine. If anyone has a fix for that or a different experience, I will gladly receive some echo. Also I will list my computer spec so you don't say it's because of the CPU and blah blah blah.


      Have a nice day boiz,


      CPU: Intel i5-6500U (no Overclock)
      GPU: Radeon RX480 12GB
      RAM: 8GB

      HDD: Kingston 120GB SSD + casual WD 500GB HDD
      Windows 10 Home 64 bit