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Freesync+Crossfire Performance hit

Question asked by bryanwj on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by bryanwj

     Okay new build here and trying to work out some kinks, AmdMatt has helped me a ton already, but a few things have happened since and id like to rule out the possibility of bad hardware before the 30-day return policy is up. 




Asus gene

Corsair 1000w

8gb Crucial Sport 2400ddr4

1tb Samsung m.2 850


    I have noticed that playing games with Freesync+Crossfire there is some kind of performance hit.



FS+CF= 109 in menu, 110-154 in game

No FS+CF=136 in menu, 130-175+ in game; had one monitor blackout with game still running had to reset temps seemed fine...


Disabled crossfire in Radeon settings, screen flashed black like normal, and when it came back, it said no amd gpu installed. rebooted and it picked up the pro duo, but there was no option to enable crossfire in radeon menu or in the preference additional radeon settings menu. its like it lost it or something.