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GPU usage under 90

Question asked by blackaa on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by catchabreak

I am having rather strange frame rate isseu's with my pc. which i never had in the past


Pc specs.


ASRock 970 Extr3me R2

AMD FX8350 4GHZ Processor 8 core

Corsair 8gb 1600mhz

Sapphire R9 270 X

Coolermaster Hyper t4 cpu cooling


i have my 144hz Benq monitor connected to the DVI port if the gpu.


when i launch my game(Csgo) it runs 70 fps average, when i restart the game it will run around 300 .

when in a server it will be arouns 100~300 if i'm lucky.


i have followed guides on the web to optimize it with no luck.


I used MSI afterburner to check my gpu load and ingame it is avarge 75-80% and doesn't go any higher?

Also the advance options of CCC of gaming i don't have it.

i am on software version 16.7.3 Windows 10(64bit)


As i tried to follow this guide Fixes for Game Crashes, Hangs, and Performance Issues

but i dont have the game tab.

I only have: Presets, ASMD Eyefinity, My digital flat-panels and Audio.