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    Switchable graphics dont work after BSOD.


      Notebook info:

      Clevo P150SM-A

      R9 M290x + Intel HD 4600

      Win 8.1 pro with newest updates.

      Catalyst 16.9.2


      I have problem with switchable graphics. If you setup new system, install drivers etc everything works fine. Intel HD is used in light task and when needed R9 is lunched. Everything is fine untill i get BSOD called WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (dont have dump since dumping system is crushing on 20%-30% mark when this error occurs) after mounth or two. After this bsod R9 M290x is always active. I tried to reinstall drivers (cleared them with DDU and AMD_Clean_UP_Ultillty) change ulps status, reset settings or edit some windows files. Nothing helps. Only clean windows install is makeing this problem go away. Is there any one out there that can give me some tips how to deal with this problem ? Reinstalling/restoring windows from image evey mouth is a pain in a**.