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Amd rx 480, computer crashing!!

Question asked by zur1x on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by svellon

I just got a new rx 480 nitro+ 4gb. I have the problem since i installed the graphics card.

So when i wanted to play a game my computer crashed... It is restarting instantly when i start up every game!!

I noticed that after switching the compatibility mode and the power efficiency on, everything works almost fine...

I can play every game but my computer keeps restarting itself sometimes and almost everytime i'm starting to play

League of Legends, the crimson driver stops working... It's annoying me as hell

I bought this card 4 days ago so i can still give it back I think if its just bad one...


PC stats:

CPU- i7 6700k

MOBO- asus z170s sabertooth

RAM-crucial ballistix sport 2400MHz 16gb

PSU-cooler master g550m


Sorry for my bad english and thanks for help