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    SB850 Raid 5 array missing


      I have a M4A87TD EVO ASUS board with the AMD SB850 chipset.



      Just updated to the Win10 Anniversary edition and the RAID 5 array despite being detected and configurable on boot [CTRL-F] is not visible in windows anymore. Drivers all up to date - re-ran the Crimson edition raidxper utility and SB versions 165.8.3 and no issues found.


      RaidXpert runs fine, detects all 4 drives that should be in the array but lists them as AVAILABLE !?!


      No Logical drives are detected and if i go to configure i don't even have an option for RAID 5 arrays!?!


      Any ideas as to what is going on here?

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          I'm checking internally for the answer and will get back to you.


          Was everything working fine before you upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary? Were you using the same OS before or an older Windows version?

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              Hi Matt,


              Thanks very much for the reply. Yes it was all working previously and I managed to get it all working just last night so I can give you the details.


              The upgrade was from Win 10 build 1511 to the Anniversary edition version 1607. I reverted back to the 1511 build as part of troubleshooting it and everything was visible to windows again.


              Issue turned out to be that Windows must have updated the drivers as part of the update, which seems obvious except that the "latest" driver for the AHCI RAID controller was from 2012 so I didn't realize it had been updated otherwise I could have just rolled this specific one back. Whether the windows signed one or the one installed by AMD's Catalyst installer both seemed to be the same version from the same year. This is the driver included in the Catalyst 15.7.1 installation: Legacy


              Having reverted version 1607 back to 1511 I was able to see the original drivers I had. I re-upgraded and forced windows to use that driver version and on reboot everything was fine. Needless to say neither Catalyst nor Windows update were particularly helpful in this and I don't know what the difference between the two drivers is but that one in the 15.7.1 installation from 2012 definitely doesn't work [for me!].


              I've attached screenshots of the driver that successfully works with this board and chipset under Windows 10 - hopefully that's of use.



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