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Computer restarts!

Question asked by istvan_porter on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by istvan_porter

Case : NZXT Phantom 410

OS : Windows 10 64bit

CPU : AMD FX - 8350 4GHZ Socket AM3+ 8MB Cache - not overclocked still on stock

Motherboard : AMD 970 Gaming

GPU : AMD R9 390 Gaming 8GB - not overclocked still on stock

Hard driver : Western Digital 1TB

SSD : Crucial MX 128GB

Memory : Crucial 16 GB 2x 8G

Power Supply : Corsair Vs550 ATX 550 Watt

Drivers : 16.9.2


Whenever I go play a game my computer overheats and restarts itself, is their anything about this build that could be affecting the problem or my CPU is just getting to hot,power supply etc ?amdmatt