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BF4 Mantle crash on only ONE map: Paracel Storm (16.9.2 Xfire 380x) almost there guys!

Question asked by thwomp on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by thwomp

This seems to only happen on Paracel Storm (though I didn't play all the other maps). Within a minute or two of loading a map, I'll get a crash. If you're experiencing this too, please post below.


Interestingly, when I add the 16.9.2 Mantle DLL's into the BF4 folder while running the older 16.8.3 driver, Paracel Storm runs flawlessly.


So please guys, for us dedicated fans with GCN 1.2 and lower cards, please figure out why 16.8.3 works with the 16.9.2 DLL's but 16.9.2 does not. Paracel Storm seems to be the only hang up remaining.


And I know DX11 is an option, but my overclocked 6600k CPU can't maintain a locked 85hz like it can with Mantle.