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    fx 6100 driver



      I´m looking for drivers for my FX 6100 6-Core Black Edition Processor.

      Can some one pls help me?

      The autodetectutility can´t find a driver for this processor.

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          Desktop cpus aren't even listed on the amd driver site.  I'm out of touch, but I recall like...15 years ago they had cpu "drivers" that did power throttling and stuff with fans...but I haven't heard of cpu drivers since then, I figured a lot of those features got standardized and built-in. 


          Are you sure you need a cpu driver?  Maybe you mean chipset?

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              What makes you think you need a driver for the cpu? Do you have an exclamation mark in device manager?

              As steve menitons, this is standard in windows for a long time and the user doesn't need to be concerned. For example my fx 6350 looks like this. cmxnel


              If you're not  using windows then we need more info.