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    Another update. Still no crossfire.


      Getting really sick of not being able to manually set crossfire option.


      No the option hasnt moved to another menu. There are no crossfire options in any amd menu. So before you type out your smug response about HURR DURR CHECK THE GLOBAL SETTINGS. No, it is not there. Even Single game profile has no option. I have removed and re-seated my gpus, swapped them. nothing. I have downgraded to old catalyst control 15.#.# and it is now gone entirely from the old control center. It is not in additional settings, it is not in global. It is not greyed out. IT IS GONE COMPLETELY. I have uninstalled and cleaned all amd files and reinstalled. Nothing. Reinstalled latest crimson drives. And there is still nothing at all.


      I have 2 of the same GPU, radeon hd7700. They have both been compatible and able to use crossfire up until crimson so i know for a fact it is not hardware. Amds own program says both cards are active and running. CPUZ has both cards active and running.

      I dont even care if there is no fix, but it would be nice for either AMD to come out and say so, or at least address that there IS a problem.

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          We are currently investigating a similar issue with R9 295x2 GPUs, apologies for any inconvenience caused.


          I will share your feedback with engineering. Please can you attach (do not copy paste) your DXDIAG report to your next response?


          Please try the steps below to see if this recovers the CrossFire options.


          Use DDU to remove the current amd drivers.

          Turn off your system and physically remove the second GPU from the system.

          Turn on your system and download and install Crimson 16.9.2.

          Restart your system after installing the driver. Once Windows loads, turn off the system.

          Insert the second GPU into your system and boot into Windows.

          Allow Windows a minute or two to detect and automatically install the AMD driver for the second GPU. The screen should flash black a couple of times.

          Restart your system and check Radeon Settings > Gaming > Global Settings to see if the CrossFire options have reappeared.