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    I have missing DLL files, what to do?


      installed drivers for radeon 15.12, win10 64 GPU

      R9380 now I cannot open settings it tells me I have missing DLL files, what to do, please tell me where to get DLL files?

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          Why are you using 15.12 instead of the newer driver sets?

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              found this while searching through the forum to fix missing QT dll`s


              Re: QT5core.dll and other QT components not installing with any installer greater than 16.1.1 causing Radeon Settings/Crimson to not load 


                ebonclaw  19-Jul-2016 09:11  (in response to lizzias) 


              Encountered this problem again, did some more research, and FINALLY solved it.  For some reason only the 16.1.1 installer wants to completely install these components if they're missing, but the other installers HAVE them, they're just not installing them as part of the package.  You can use any version you want, but if the components are still missing, navigate to:

              and run the ccc-next64.exe file located there.  Bam.  Works, no restart necessary!


              The driver  puts an uncompressed copy of itself on your drive and that's the folder you are looking for


              The folder will have a different name depending on what the driver  is called. look for the ccc folder and executable without the 64 if your running 32bit system

              Worked for me after I used ddu to uninstall and it removed some QT  dll`s

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