FX 8350 great results: Arctic liquid freezer 120 + Liquid Pro

Discussion created by volumetricsteve on Sep 26, 2016
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I thought I'd throw it out there that I recently had great results combining the Arctic liquid freezer 120 and CoolLabratory's Liquid Pro.

Under air cooling, I was (supposedly) getting over 67C, though I understand there's a lot of confusion reading temperatures from FX series chips.


In my case, I'm using 64-bit linux and the 'lmsensors' package.


after re-lapping my cpu, applying a healthy amount of liquid pro to both the cpu and the liquid freezer 120, my highest temperature claims 38C under continuous load for ten minutes.


In the wider scope of things, I'm not sure how good these numbers really are compared to the results others have based on the confusion with reading the real value in the first place...but, 38C seems pretty good to me.  That would mean I'm maxing out around 100F, and some people seem to think the temp reading is artificially increased by about 10C, so I may actually be maxing out around 82F, which would be pretty amazing.


I should also emphasize the vital importance of ending up with a flat cpu surface that isn't just flat and planar with itself, but the flatness needs to be fully perpendicular to the socket so the pressure being applied by the heatsink is straight up and down, making evenly pressured contact.  When I was running air-cooled, I didn't realize that I'd lapped my cpu down to a mirror shine, but it was really badly slanted.  Once I corrected the slant, cooling performance took way off! 


I also replaced Arctic's default fans with a pair of Noctua's industrial 120mm fans, which I believe push a good deal more air.  They're louder, sure, but they also do a great job.

If anyone else is using lmsensors to get readings from FX series chips, i'd be curious to see what results you're getting.