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Relationship between various linux drivers?

Question asked by volumetricsteve on Sep 26, 2016
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I'm troubleshooting some video-output weirdness on my workstation where I get video output right up until it appears to load the video driver, at which point the screen goes black.  I'm trying to determine which driver I should try to use.  So far I've found the Catalyst driver, AMDGPU, and something called AMDGPU Pro.


My use-case is that I primarily want to use my nano as an OpenCL chip, I don't care at all about gaming performance - however it would be nice if I could work with OpenGL/Vulkan.


Is there one driver I should choose for software development over another?  I did notice in the AMD APP SDK documentation that it lists off Catalyst by name, but I've also read that AMDGPU Pro should provide OpenCL/GL/Vulkan as well.


Back story:

I just got an R9 Nano for opencl work on a linux x64 workstation.  I'm having a little trouble getting it to display even at the console.  I use Crux linux, and I manually invoke X with startx.  As it stands, I can see the normal bios stuff, lilo points to my kernel and starts booting, then maybe 1/3rd of the way through the dmesg kernel output, it looks like it tries to load a driver but it either fails or does some weird thing my tv can't interpret.


The guys at the Crux IRC suggested that I recompile my kernel with AMDGPU support set to modular, and then run make modules_install and make firmware_install - these things all appeared to work and execute correctly, but the original problem remains.