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window 10 isnt letting me install amd driver.

Question asked by diveshseet on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by diveshseet

hello guys

dear developers,im currently having trouble installing my amd driver on my laptop (switchable graphics between intel PROCESSOR and amd GPU) which i recently updated from win7 to win10

on win 7 everything was absolutely fine but when i updated it i had to reinstall all my drivers according to win 10 requirements and making the window stable.i downloaded the drivers from my manufacturer site ( all the drivers installed correctly except that my amd driver is giving me this following problem : Untitled.png

i tried installing from amd updater but it always put a desktop computer driver in my atop with is weird and makes games unplayable

then i tried this "Radeon-Crimson-16.6.2-With-DOTNet45-Win7-64Bit" but its bugged at 83% .

i really dont know what to do . i currently downloaded gta V isnt wasnt running in win7 thats why i put win10.