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    High CPU usage when using A8-7410 display drivers


      Hi - I'm on a HP notebook with an AMD A8-7410 APU running on Windows 10.


      I've recently noticed the system has slowed down - even when I'm not doing much, every 3-4 seconds the system will freeze for about a second. Looking at the task manager, I can see the culprit:


      I digged deeper and analyzed the system with Windows Performance Analyzer. The two modules causing the most noise included atikmdag.sys, which I found out was related to the AMD display driver:


      To confirm my suspicions, I uninstalled the AMD display driver, and sure enough, CPU usage went back to normal. Upon reinstalling it, it went right back up, without even rebooting.


      Does anyone know what could be causing this, and how to solve the issue? Thanks!

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          All A8-7410, R5 M330 notebook owners have the same problem. No one answering our questions. I tried everything. Email to support, Report the driver, i use tag to developers in community forums but none of them response me. I tried every single Crimson drivers but no solution. I am thankful to you detailing the problem with these screenshots. Notebook owners working harder than developpers to solve this issue amdmatt amdpete. Please hear us and response. We even don't know that you see our posts or not. Are you working on this problem? One single response please!

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            Like many reported, I have the same issue.
            I decided to stuck to previous Catalyst drivers which perform quite well.
            I'm trying also, when I'll find some time to do that, to reinstall Windows 10 completely by resetting from the control panel settings. This should wipe out any error or any conflicting OEM setting. I use the term "should" because installing windows from scratch on a notebook may end in some unespected more complex issue.
            I'm still keeping the OEM recovery partition anyway in order to revert my notebook to the original configuration from the manufacturer.

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              We are still looking at this issue, but unfortunately so far we have been unable to reproduce it.


              Do you have any HP bundled applications installed?


              Can you try doing a Windows Selective Startup and disabling all non Windows services. Keep the AMD Services running and try adding all your other startup services one at a time to see if one particular service is triggering the high CPU usage.