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fx 6300 4 ghz voltage

Question asked by gto_pro on Sep 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2016 by black_zion

Helo guys so i overclocked my fx 6300 to 4ghz but its not stable in prime 95 in blend test unless i bring the voltages to 1.41v and i fell its to mutch since the stock voltages for 3,5 ghz are 1.26.I tried to lower voltages but nothing lower was stable in prime 95 but in games and others stuff it was stable at 1.3250v.

I have a bad motherboard for ok its and asrock 980de3/u3s3 but i think i can do that magic 4ghz number on it with a deepcool gamax 300 and 3  120mm coolers in my case i know its not mutch of an overclock but i just want to hit that 4ghz number at least till Zen cpus come out then ima upgrade.