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Uninstall problems with 16.9.1 and 16.9.2 under Windows 10 64bit - R9 390

Question asked by patricklibuda on Sep 24, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by pinheads

Unfortunately, there is a massive installation / un-installation problem with the two September 2016 driver versions (Windows 10 64bit – 16.9.1 and 16.9.2). If you uninstall any of the two it is no longer possible to revert to any other driver version – neither the display driver nor the sound drivers are installed henceforth. All you can do is grab your Win10 installation DVD (if you were clever enough to make one ;-)), select the repair options, and go back to an earlier Windows 10 snapshot – then you can uninstall the driver version that Win10 installs by default and select the one you want.

Unfortunately, as far as driver quality is concerned, things have gone downhill again after 16.8.2 (release candidate 4, 11 August 2016). Particularly as far as Internet video stuff is concerned, this version so far has been the only one to come anywhere near 15.11 (the version that comes with Win10) – all versions inbetween and afterwards would cause all sorts of problems – e.g. repeated driver resets or the screen going black suddenly during playback (try longer Youtube videos and you will probably see what I am referring to – e.g. 30 minutes or longer – minimising and maximising during playback also is not a good idea, particularly with the driver versions prior to 16.8.2). I had even thought about going back to the last Catalyst version because I was and am so unhappy with the Crimson releases.

Another thing I find puzzling is that, unlike in Windows 7 or 8/8.1, the standard Windows display driver does not appear to be working with my R9 390. Normally when switching to a new graphics driver version, I would uninstall the old Crimson version, reboot, and then re-install the new version. However, with Win10, when I reboot after uninstalling the AMD graphics driver, all I get on the screen is gobbledegook. The only way out is to revert back to a previous snapshot (see above – ever since I switched to Win10 in July I must have done this at least 20 times!). Then I uninstall the 15.11 driver that Win10 installs by default (or rather AMD Settings) and then install the new driver version directly afterwards – without rebooting! So, this is another issue where I would be grateful if the AMD driver development team could be so kind as to look into it.