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Graphics problem, please help

Question asked by cspecial on Sep 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by cspecial

A couple of weeks ago i bought a dell inspiron 15 - 5555 which came with the amd A10 8700p proccessor and the radeon r6 M345DX with 2GB. When i was at the adapter settings it was showing me that the graphics memory was 2gb and the total was 6gb. A few days ago i wanted to check something to the adapter settings again and it said that my graphics memory was 512mb and in total 4gb so i went to the radeon settings app and i realized that my laptop actually comes with 2 graphics card, tha radeon r6 M345DX which is 512mn and the radeon r5 m335 which is 2gb. It also says that the r6 is the primary and the r5 is called linked. Is there any way to set the r5 as the primary one because im not covered just with the r6 or is there something else i can do to set the memory back to 2gb instead of 512mb that is now?