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    Case recommendation


      I'm planning on upgrading my 2 R9 295X2s to 3 Pro Duos and sticking with the ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z. I would have done 3 295X2 in the past but those 100mm fans needs space to breathe whereas the Pro Duo doesn't have that problem so I can easily stack them.  I won't be doing custom water blocks and loop so I'll need a case that can house 3 Pro Duos and their 120mm radiator/fans. So looking for case recommendations. I was thinking the Corsair 900D but I don't know the Pro Duo hose can reach the front or top, maybe the one nearest to the top can.


      The Pro Duo is 270mm long. The hose length is 540mm. Radiator is 120mm  x 25mm x 152.5mm with 120mm fan.