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Trying to confirm problem with XR341CK as Monitor Defect or Driver Issue

Question asked by dt126 on Sep 22, 2016

I hope I’m posting this in the right place. I currently have (2) XR341 CK monitors here. One is a loaner from Acer for testing and my original has been back to Acer twice already. My original problem was that I would get in-game full screen flicker (not just the top 1" flicker which is endemic to this monitor) which would lead to flicker and image retention back at the Windows desktop after the game was closed (elements such as game menus would remain on screen flickering on/off). I could turn the monitor off, unplug it from the wall, hook up a completely different source via HDMI, turn the monitor back on and the flicker and image retention would still remain (for maybe 10 to 20 minutes - I could watch a blu-ray with the Witcher 3 Menu overlaid on the screen). Since I had power cycled and switched to another source which doesn’t even support Freesync (DP to HDMI), my thought is that this is a hardware problem with the monitor. However, with Freesync disabled, there is no image retention issue (I have left the monitor on for more than a week without a single image retention issue). Rhetorically, how could a driver problem cause something like this to occur in a monitor? This is why Acer sent me a second one as they are stumped too. I could also induce a similar state very quickly by using the Freesync windmill demo along with RTSS to cap frame rate to 52 FPS and then closing it.


The reason I’m posting now, however, is that the 16.9.1 driver update seems to have had a major impact. I no longer have any issues using the windmill demo. I still get full screen flickering in game, but it no longer remains when I go to the desktop. I recently had surgery on my arm and it’s very difficult for me to test at this time. I’m trying to decide quickly though whether to send the 2nd monitor back to Acer (as they will otherwise charge me for it) and chalk this up to a driver issue but I’m not really sure that the driver has really fixed the issue. Can anyone from AMD think of a situation where the previous drivers could have induced a state similar to what I described above? Again, flickering and IR that does not go away for 10-20 minutes even after the monitor is power cycled and connected to something else via a different input? If not, then I still think it must be a hardware defect in the monitor itself. Thank you for any comments in advance.