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RX480 + windows 10 + Crimson 16.9.2  + kvm passthrough = error code 43

Question asked by christine on Sep 24, 2016



I am trying to get the RX480 8G video card to work under qemu/kvm and Windows 10 64 bit with a linux 64 bit host


I have a working drivers for linux running with the AMDGPU driver and the card works fine. I cannot unload the driver and load VFIO-PCI because when I unload the driver the motherboard shuts down because it says that there is an overcurrent condition. So I can reboot with both VFIO-PCI and AMDGPU blacklisted and then load VFIO-PCI and run an OS under the hypervisor using KVM.


I have a working configuration that uses UEFI (no seabios etc) that boots up ubuntu and in this VM I can load the AMDGPU driver on the guest. I did this to install the VULKAN drivers for this card in this VM as I didn't want to stuff up the system. I see the same problem here with clinfo telling me that there is 8G then 4G then sometimes 2G on the card. This all led me to conclude that the linux drivers are not there yet as the compute performance doesn't appear to be there yet.


I then too this working KVM ubuntu configuration and started a windows 10 install (clean install, used for testing). The card is detected via the device manager but when I load the crimson 16.9.2 drivers and I reboot, device manager says that there is an error code 43 when starting the card.


What does this error mean and do the Crimson drivers support running under they hypervisor? And how can this be done?