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Will a sabertooth 990fx Revision 1 damage my fx-9370 processor?

Question asked by jeco1996 on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2016 by techguy

Hey everyone I just bought a sabertooth 990fx r1 motherboard and fx-9370 processor, I have played a little bit and everything is just fine! but then I was researching a little bit and realised that my motherboard revision1 does not support my processor! I am now scared! is this going to damage my processor at some point?, is there any fix I can do without buying a new motherboard or buying the revision 2.0?? who else has done this"?? or is there already any fix or correction maybe? is it true that  sabertooth 990fx r1 does not support it? so why am I able to use it anyways?? thank you very much guys.