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AMD RX 460 with Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.9.2 again crash with any game at 10 minute to play

Question asked by pepe.sifu on Sep 21, 2016
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I have the problem again when I play 10 minutes, any game, the driver is broken, there is a list of topics that were published in this forum are the same problem I have,


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with this it is found that the hardware of the commented cards don’t have problems because they are from different manufacturers and with different speeds set of core or DDR5 memory,the hardware is not the problem, which is the conclusion of this problem, the driver amd does not support the overclock with amd rx 460 card, my card has by default the core overclocked to 1220 MHz set in the bios of the card, then when the core reaches this speed the driver is broken, the only solution I found for not lose performance, you have to set the value of 1190 MHz in the application Wattman, and with this the problem is solved and the driver no longer is broken, this is the only possible solution so far to not lose performance, I demand to amd solutions this problem, at the next driver to publish, because it is impossible to overclock this card amd rx 460, it does not support overclocking