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Screen Flicker with HD7700

Question asked by ss4johnny on Sep 22, 2016

My computer was fine when I went to work this morning, but when I got back I've had all kinds of screen flickering. It's kind of like a brown flicker. I think there might have been an update or something because it looked like my computer had restarted.


I've got Windows 10 64bit with Intel i7 950, 16GB RAM, and AMD HD7700 graphics card. I'm using three monitors, two are connected to the graphics card. One is connected by a USB adapter. The one by adapter does not flicker the same, but it has issues that it did not before (like if I move a window it looks weird).


I saw a few other screen flickering threads and mostly did what they recommended. I tried Windows update, DDU, some scanning thing, removing the driver and restarting and updating it fresh, etc. The only thing that stops the flickers is to just completely remove the drivers and have Windows not automatically update things, but then it looks like garbage.