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Linux amdgpu driver doesn't work

Question asked by cyrwyn on Sep 22, 2016

The newest amdgpu driver doesn't work with the chipset in the A10-8700P combo 4cpu/6gpu chip. This is in an HP 17g121wm Pavillion laptop running the latest version of PClos. I've spent many hours trying to determine the problem. Video worked fine until X11 was updated to 1.18 and the fglrx driver was no longer supported and replaced by amdgpu. The problem occurs in booting when the screen blanks and the keyboard stops functioning, but the initialization continues, meaning the computer isn't locked up. I can only use a vesa driver that gives me an 800x600 screen and that will only work by disabling kernel modeset using "nomodeset" in the kernel boot command line. Apparently, no earlier AMD video driver will work with this chipset. I had hoped a driver might work with some reduced function. If this is the case, I want to write AMD and would appreciate other's support. I've used AMD/ATI chipsets for years and never had such a problem. The AMD website and the confusing nomenclature AMD's uses to designate its chipsets isn't helpful. I'm not sure what version of the gpu chipset I have. Is it an R6, as someone on another forum suggested? And is this chipset not yet supported by amdgpu?