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I'm freezing, what could be the problem?

Question asked by pbman1953 on Sep 22, 2016
My system is an ASUS board, AMD processor, Radeon R2700 card, 16GB memory
My problem is about a month ago in that I decided to upgrade my C drive storage to a larger drive. Before that update I used a Samsung SSD. I updated to an Intel SSD 540S@ 240GB. Since I was starting with a new drive and installation, I decided to update to the Win 10 anniversary update. From that point I've had nothing but freezing.




I've been back and forth with MS chat support and finally they sent me an ISO of the pre-anniversary Win 10 1511. I installed it and after the first 2 updates it started freezing again. Then I contacted Intel and they suggested to perform a low level hard drive wipe. I did that and then re-installed yet again. At first it was fine until the first 2 updates, then the freezing started again. So I really don't get it why it's freezing on a pre-anniversary version. The only thing I can think of is that the SSD is defective. Techs from other forums are saying the MS is having issues with AMD video and other drivers.


Could it be the Intel SSD? Or the video card or other drivers? The last MS tech told me that my video card was not compatible with Win 10. I told him that could not be possible because the Samsung SSD did fine and had no issues.