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Does AMD have anyone working in their tech support department and/or driver development department?

Question asked by on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by aafirasheikh

I recently contacted AMD's tech support department, and was told to submit a bug report at, with a tag saying escalation was recommended by tech support. I did so, then was greeted (a couple weeks later) with only one reply, reproduced below (with only removing my name):


You recently contacted AMD Global Customer Care.


    If you submitted your request electronically, we have sent a response

    to your inquiry and have had no reply from you in the last 10 days.


    If you have not received our response to your enquiry, please check

    your email spam filter for an email from: . Please

    ensure to add this email address to your safe sender list.


    If you are unable to locate our response and/or require further

    assistance, please open a new ticket under:


    If your questions have been answered and you don’t require further

    assistance, we would appreciate you taking a few moments to rate your

    experience with us.


    Please click here to find 7 simple questions.



    Thank you very much for your time.


    Best regards,


    AMD Global Customer Care


Given that I *NEVER* received a reply, not in my spam filter, not in my inbox. Their message in that note that they replied within 10 days is an outright lie. I am not happy with this being the ONLY contact since I submitted that report. Why did the tech support person forward me to a form that only resulted in being ignored, rather than actually doing something? Is this just AMD's way of telling me to shut up? I mean, I was reporting that I was one of the people experiencing a problem that appears to span the whole product line (the colored-screen crash, in my case on an A8 APU), but I received no help whatsoever - not even them telling me they were looking into it. So really, is there anyone working there, or is their Customer Care department really just an automated mailing bot that does nothing but wait a while then send that email? That's the impression I received.


I did do the survey, responding that I was really unhappy (actually, I gave the worst possible rating for each category) and in the additional comments I might have been a *little* ticked off, saying that the gorillas in the local zoo would do a better job since they'd actually make noises to let me know someone was present, and suggesting firing the whole department and hiring people who would at least try to do their job. But seriously, I'm a paying customer, and I got blown off by them. I think I have the right to be a little ticked.