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    Does AMD have anyone working in their tech support department and/or driver development department?


      I recently contacted AMD's tech support department, and was told to submit a bug report at amd.com/report, with a tag saying escalation was recommended by tech support. I did so, then was greeted (a couple weeks later) with only one reply, reproduced below (with only removing my name):


      You recently contacted AMD Global Customer Care.


          If you submitted your request electronically, we have sent a response

          to your inquiry and have had no reply from you in the last 10 days.


          If you have not received our response to your enquiry, please check

          your email spam filter for an email from: tech.support@amd.com . Please

          ensure to add this email address to your safe sender list.


          If you are unable to locate our response and/or require further

          assistance, please open a new ticket under:



          If your questions have been answered and you don’t require further

          assistance, we would appreciate you taking a few moments to rate your

          experience with us.


          Please click here to find 7 simple questions.





          Thank you very much for your time.


          Best regards,


          AMD Global Customer Care


      Given that I *NEVER* received a reply, not in my spam filter, not in my inbox. Their message in that note that they replied within 10 days is an outright lie. I am not happy with this being the ONLY contact since I submitted that report. Why did the tech support person forward me to a form that only resulted in being ignored, rather than actually doing something? Is this just AMD's way of telling me to shut up? I mean, I was reporting that I was one of the people experiencing a problem that appears to span the whole product line (the colored-screen crash, in my case on an A8 APU), but I received no help whatsoever - not even them telling me they were looking into it. So really, is there anyone working there, or is their Customer Care department really just an automated mailing bot that does nothing but wait a while then send that email? That's the impression I received.


      I did do the survey, responding that I was really unhappy (actually, I gave the worst possible rating for each category) and in the additional comments I might have been a *little* ticked off, saying that the gorillas in the local zoo would do a better job since they'd actually make noises to let me know someone was present, and suggesting firing the whole department and hiring people who would at least try to do their job. But seriously, I'm a paying customer, and I got blown off by them. I think I have the right to be a little ticked.

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          The message that you received is an automated message sent after no further activity by you is reported in the system after a specified number of days. If you did not receive a reply from AMD then you could follow up with the customer support link. Understand however that "Bug reports" for most organizations are a one-way process. People report a perceived Bug and the appropriate tech people in the company review the report and try to duplicate the issue. If they can duplicate it then they try to correct the issue. If they can't duplicate the reported Bug it's usually dismissed until further reports provide additional info. to help isolate the issue. Most companies do not normally send a response for a Bug report e-mail other than an automated reply. Bug resolutions are included in the next driver updates. No further customer contact is typical.

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            We'd like to help, can you tell us more about the issue you are having?

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                The issue appears to be the same one everyone is having with 16.7.3, regardless of GPU model - the colored screen crash when the system is idle or when doing low-intensity activity on the machine. I can turn on the machine and wait about 2 to 3 minutes, web browsing, text editing (C++ source code, for example), or just sitting on the desktop, and then my screen is red, blue, green, white, black, purple, orange, or whatever other solid color seems to be the driver's pleasure to deliver to me, and the only way to get out of it is to reboot by pressing and holding the power button until the machine turns off. I've disabled AMD's power management as much as I could and tried to just use Windows' power management, and I try not to use sleep mode at all. It's set to as close as I can get to an "Always on"-style power scheme. I'm on an A8-6410, which is the only thing that appears to separate my situation from the ones in the other forums. There's no post-16.7.3 driver for the laptop APUs. I've tried the ClockBlocker word-around mentioned in one of the threads in the drivers forum, and that sort-of makes it work apparently, except that sometimes my screen just goes black after a few hours, but at least the machine is semi-working. That thread was for a more recent GPU, of a different series - not an APU - but the problem appears to be identical. Previous versions of the drivers work for the most part, which points to a bug in the current version. However, there are new features and compatibility fixes in new versions, and rolling back isn't always enough to fix issues, and when it does fix some it can cause others.


                (I'm a trained software developer, so I understand how bug reports work, BTW. "No further customer contact" being "typical" might be acceptable if the fixes were actually being issued within a few hours/days, or if they're for a rare, irreproducible problem, or if they're problems with a component that isn't critical to the system, but if the problems are known, widely reported and publicized, and unfixed for months without even being acknowledged, that isn't acceptable. That's more like making a bug reporting system into a patronizing experience for the customer - you hope it makes them go away and shut up. My experience is that problems with computers don't typically fix themselves. I did refile the support request using the link in the email. Thus far, no response to that either. A message being sent *before* the notice that the ticket is closed, ten days later, might be nice - maybe send one within a day or two, with some steps to try? Suggested workarounds, or requests for more information? A link to a tool that gathers system specs and configuration information? Or debug versions of the driver that could try and create a log if it crashes, so that AMD might get additional information from that? Actually, that last option would be ideal, I would think!)


                BTW, although 16.9.2 is explicitly stated as not working on APUs, I actually tried to install it, and the installer didn't detect that it was incompatible. It just forced me to do a Windows System Restore, since it put my computer in a boot loop. You might want to suggest they try to detect compatibility in the installer. I might be the only one crazy enough to try it, but you never know.... I've also tried to install 16.8.x, but none of those AFAICT even tried to install the driver, only the updated Control Center and a few side apps.


                Additionally: techguy, you said it closes it if "no further action by you" is detected. But how could I possibly have any further action if I'm not provided any means to perform further actions? It's not like there's a link provided to the customer to provide information, nor any request for information. The bug report shouldn't be closed until the bug is confirmed not to exist, or the bug is fixed. Confirming a bug doesn't exist is hard, and should really only happen if you can confirm that the customer did something wrong, that there's a hardware problem, or that the behavior reported is intended. Otherwise, the ticket should remain open until there's a fix. If there's a hardware problem, that should be disclosed in the notice that the ticket is closed. If the customer screwed up the settings, they should be informed what they did wrong and how to fix it (if they somehow set up conflicting options), and the product should be updated to prevent that in the future. I highly doubt that making the computer unusable is intended functionality, but if so, that should also be the response in the ticket closure.

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                  I still don't think that tickets should be auto-closed, but that's irrelevant to this situation now. I apologize for the somewhat disrespectful tone I had in this thread. I just got peeved.




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