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Standard VGA Adapter(Code10) -AMD Radeon HD 7570m - Black Screen While Updating Graphic Drivers-Dell 14z 5423

Question asked by beastmaster64 on Sep 22, 2016
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Hello Community,

I have a Dell 5423


Core i7 3517u @ 1.9 ghz

AMD HD 7570m



Please ask if any information is required?


Just SO you know

I had Windows 7 Home Basic ,I had a problem with my hard drive .So Dell Service replaced my HDD and installed Windows 7 Ultimate


Now ,After service both Intel HD 4000 and 7570m were listed as "Standard VGA Adapter"

in the Device manager.I installed the Intel Driver ,but the 7570m had yellow exclamation mark beside it in the device manager.When I clicked it,under "General" under "Device Status" ,it said "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"


Here's what I did:

1. Installed AMD driver first ,but while rebooting it stayed in the Windows loading screen forever


2.So I thought ,I had to install Intel HD 4000 driver first


3.It was successfully


4.So now I tried installing the 7570m driver


5.This time it gave me a warning that the screen might flicker during the process


6.After some flickers the screen went black and there was a blinking dash at the top left hand corner


7.Before I installed the AMD driver I created a restore point ,so that I could boot into safe mode and restore my computer to the point where Intel HD 4000 drivers are installed


8.I tried installing the AMD drivers from various sources such as


a.Dell website for Drivers

b.AMD website

c.AMD autodetect utility

d.Device manger

e.Dell CD


8.Results are the same i.e black screen with the blinking dash


9.It shows "Standard VGA Adapter" with a yellow exclamation mark beside it


10.After every AMD driver installation failure I removed all driver (USING DDU -Display Driver Unintsaller)


The Grpahics deoes not show up in every software such as

1.3D mark 11

2.MSI afterburner



Please help

What should I do ?

My holidays are coming up ,I depend on my laptop for gaming

Can I Install Windows 7 home basic (From CD provided by dell )and return to Ultimate(no CD )

Are there any disadvantages in installing Home basic from Ultimate

What is the problem ?

Should I reinstall all my drivers?