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    RX 480 full throttle randomly


      After update to latest driver 16.30.2311 sometimes the card goes full throttle that i think it will lift off the ground and fly.

      Doing ordinary tasks...watching a video for example.

      Even opening the radeon config and setting it to Automatic or manual the speed does no slow down, only with a reboot.

      It never happen with old drivers.

      How can i solve this?

      here are some screenshots:





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          16.30.2311, also known as 16.7.3, is not the latest driver version. 16.9.2 is the latest and was just released today. 16.9.1 was the previous version.


          so you could give 16.9.2 a try.

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              Released today rulez!! . The driver notifier does not tell me, perhaps the time (UTC). I'll give a try the new drivers. Today i play 5 hours of FC4 and 2 of LFD2. nothing happens..all good.

              Answer to other replies:

              @ambrose no overclocking softwares used, only performance and information providers. Win 10 x64 (you are right).


              @vouchen I use VLC and MPC-HC for videos on windoze, and this happens only on windows. SMPlayer and VLC with Linux all good. And i spare much more time in Linux, only use windows for gaming...I'll  Try disable DXVA. The latest issue happened when i open a video with MPC-HC and DXVA enabled. Thank you.


              my config:


              sorry my bad english.

              And thank you all for the fast reply.

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              By the looks of that task bar I will assume you have windows 10, my suggestion might not make any difference, but if you decide to install the latest Driver you may also like to make sure you have all Overclocking apps past and/or present, uninstalled. If you had been or are using a 3rd party OC app, it's been my experience that some times they ( AMD ) OC utility and 3rd party ones don't play nice together while using windows 7 anyways.


              Regards, Ambrose

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                In my case(RX460), for now this issue can be avoided by not to use afterburner or tweak app while playing videos on desktop, or disable any video related DXVA things.


                Also 16.9.2 still has this issue.


                For now no real solution in my case, this is the thread if interesting:

                rx 480 fan going to 100%

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                  We're looking into this issue and a fix will be included in an upcoming driver.