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Denoising autoencoders

Question asked by seanc4s on Sep 20, 2016

I have this extra simple denoising autoencoder algorithm that you might like to check out:

It's based on random projections using the fast Walsh Hadamard transform (WHT).

There is alternative code and information about the WTH here:

The connect between the WHT and central limit theorm:

I hope AMD has good WHT code for its GPUs!  Actually nVidia used information I gave them about the WHT and its applications for some of its GPU gems without crediting me ( a number of years ago). Okay so let's talk to AMD.


There are some good ideas about how to use such a net in this video by Hinton:


This forum is exceptionally difficult to use.  I won't continue here.  You should try out Numenta's forum to see how to do things far better: